from Jakob:

"In modern times, mirrors are mainly used as functional objects; to reflect light and increase the focal depth of a room. However mirrors also have an intriguing quality that allows the observer to drift into an illusionary space and depth of focus.

With a fascination for the ‘world between worlds’, Jakob brands the work 'MirrorGlow' to explore the emotion when the human mind overlaps self-contemplation, symbols and the surrounding environment.

In folklore tradition there is a running theme where human society and parallel ‘spiritual’ worlds collide; always between boundaries such as along walls, rivers, seashores and most famously at twilight (meaning ‘between light’). It is this un-Earthly visual boundary that Jakob seeks to expose and explore.

The etched designs themselves represent a range of subjects. From blueprint engineering diagrams, symbols and patterns to sacred geometry, astronomy and natural forms . The 'self', human texture and always individual 'you' looking in the mirror against the glowing image which hangs in the glass creates a dynamic for the mind to contemplate and reflect spiritually as well as physically.

In an ancient ritualistic manner, looking in a mirror was used by some to obtain a certain mystical focus; for achieving a state of consciousness in harmony with other forces, hence becoming a 'portal' like a crystal ball. This is one of many examples where mirrors feature as a powerful medium in customs, religion and folklore.

Mirrors have since developed in modern society to become commonly used tools of daily physical reflection and decorative features within architecture, however the mysticism remains due to the fact we observe a reverse image of our reality and hence; you are more often used to seeing yourself differently to how others see you.

As an artistic medium, mirror glass has a fascinating and intense history within itself. Jakob feels he is continuing a 'once-treasured art-form' with the joy and challenges associated with working with a material so richly saturated within cultures and societies around the world."